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Ananda Yatra – Journey with Happiness is a melodious, upbeat, mood changing, nonstop Instrumental album of 2 hours 21 minutes 13 Seconds to ensure that in your journey, you travel with Happiness to your destination. Worldwide release on 26th May 2021 through Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and every distributor where music is sold.
A Photorealism painting from Brazil which represents the 10 Colors of Happiness, challenged Prana Kishore to compose music to represent the 10 Colors of Happiness and their hidden 50 Emotions for Emotional Intelligence to experience the mystery of Instrumental Emotional Music and how it can make you Happy
Red Color -Love, Excitement, Strength, Energy, Ambition,
Orange Color-Confidence, Success, Bravery, Spirituality, Self-awareness,
Yellow Color-Creativity, Happiness, Empathy, Warmth, Social Skills,
Green Color-Nature, Healing, Freshness, Quality, Motivation
Blue Color-Trust, Peace, Loyalty, Competence, Self-Regulation
Pink color-Compassion, Sincerity, Sophistication, Sweet, Joy
Purple color-Royalty, Luxury, Power, Wealth, Wisdom
Brown Color-Dependable, Friendly, Trustworthy, Simple, Rugged,
Black color-Formal, Dramatic, Sophistication, Security, Mystery
White Color-Purity, Humbleness, Innocence, Honesty, Peace
Each song has a Color with an emotion attached to it. Each chord in music has a Color. There are specific instruments which bring happiness. Sounds of Nature like birds, rain, wind, bring happiness
This song combines and dissolves all the 10 Colors,50 Emotions and sounds into one song to give you happiness in your journey. Prana kishore uses pseudorandom generation technical composing since emotions keep changing constantly from happiness to sadness and even happiness in sadness, like a train changing its tracks but the beats will bring back your moods to happiness.
Listen in your car,Listen at airports,Listen while studying or working
How does Prana Kishore Instrumental Music Tell a Story?
Instrumental music gives the listeners the sounds but allowing them to write their own story built upon their emotions at that time
How does instrumental music help in the delivery of the story?
It heightens the delivery of the emotion that a director or production wants to imparts into its viewers. It sets the mood of a specific scene.
What are the benefits of listening to Prana Kishore Instrumental music?
Actually, there are several benefits of listening to instrumental music:
Productivity -Background music can deepen your focus while you work.
Mental Downtime – Instrumental music gives your brain time to reflect and roam through various topics.
Stress Relieving for Every One
Intellectuals prefer Instrumental music as per recent study
So, what is Your Color in Music? Listen with head phones to find out
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