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                                                                       Nextgen Sanskrit Pop,Dance and Devotional Music

Prana means Life Force.70% of the world is water.70% of your body is also made of water.You are entering Prana Zone filled with Prana Music made of Five Elements of life with Sounds of Fire,Water,Earth,Space,Sky which leads to Ananda, Happiness if you are in  sink with the universe of nature.Close your eyes,fasten your head phones,get ready to change your moods for Ananda Yatra - Journey with Sanskrit and Happiness


How is Prana Kishore Music Different ?

Instant - Mood Changing - Up Beat - Melody - Just Try it once


Melodious Tune,

Real Life Sound Effects of Nature,Rain,Birds,Temple Bells and More

Melodious Voice

Crystal Clear Pronunciation for Easy Learning

Choice of Instruments, Ancient, Rare Indian & Western Symphonies

Super HD Surround Sound Recording

Easy to Listen and Learn Sanskrit Mantras, Chants, Devotional Songs

Bollywood Style Songs,

Shortest Song is 10 seconds, Longest Song is 5 Hours 15 minutes

Meera Bhajans, or Just Instrumentals

Who is Prana Kishore ? Just Check my Bio

How Does Prana Kishore Music Help You ?

Discover who you are through Prana music


Easy Listening or Dance to Devotional Music

Easy to Listen and Learn Sanskrit Mantras to Experience Miracles

Easy to Listen and Learn to Sing in Sanskrit with right pronunciation Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatham,Sri Vishnu Sahasranama and Sri Lalitha Sahasranama in  just 5 days

Sing with Devotional Karaoke’s

Close Your Eyes, Feel the Vibrations of Prana Music, like Front Row Seat with God

How to do 4 types of Pranayama Breathing Technics in 8 minutes anywhere, Any Time (FREE)

How to do Prana Nidra Guided Meditation at Work 3 Minutes (FREE)

How to do Prana Nidra Guided Meditation at Home 7 Minutes (FREE )

Prana Healing Music  helps you to 

Remove Inner Fear,Anxiety

Gives You Hope and Courage

Improve Relationships and Positive Attitude

Good Health and Happiness as Prana Music Therapy or Easy Listening to Remove the Stress and Pain in this world 


Who are Prana Kishore Music Listeners

Nextgen listeners All Over the world


Teens who want to Rebel

Kids who hate broccoli and Home Work

Girls who want boy Friend(s)

Boys who got rejected by Smart Girls

Adults who hate Music

Seniors who hate Breaking News

Bath Room Singers, Lazy to Sing Singers, Car Hummers,

Cute Puppies who hate kibbles love Rice,like Bella Kishore

Just Kidding! Prana Kishore Music is for Every One