Meera Bhajans and Mahatma Gandhiji's New Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram

Mere Tho Giridhar Gopal - Eternal Love Of Meera for Sri Krishna 15th Century Real Life Love Story

Mere Tho Giridhar Gopal -Eternal Love of Meera for Sri Krishna 15th Century Real Life Love Story ( Hindi )

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli,Dr ( Col ) M. Sitaram

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Voice and Music By Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli With Special Performance by Dr ( Col) M Sitaram Renowned Cardiologist From Andhra Pradesh India. Prana Kishore as name itself suggests, Kishore means Sri Krishna and he is a huge devotee of Sri Krishna.He has been singing Meera Bhajans and Ghazals from younger days having learnt them from his teacher, Smt Priyamvadha (All India Radio ) who is known for it in addition to classical music.Prana Kishore started his musical journey with Tabla which is perfect match for such kind of music. There are so many who sang Meera Bhajans and what makes this song so special and deferent? Prana Kishore used rare instruments which were used during the time of Meera Bai in the cities she travelled and modernized the composition to appeal to the NextGen for them to appreciate and learn what Real love Is from Meeras Love For Sri Krishna in this 15th Century Real Life Story between a human being like Meera and Lord Sri Krishna. Dr ( Col) M Sitaram a very close relative, friend,mentor and doctor of Prana Kishore family who took care of both Prana Kishore parents, this collaboration is very dear to Prana Kishore heart. Please listen with head phones to the beautiful composing and melodious voice of Prana Kishore as you feel the love of Meera for Sri Krishna making you wonder is it MEERA KA KRISHNA YA Krishna KA MEERA BHAJAN who is in love with whom? This song "Mere To Giridhar Gopal" is the NO 1 song loved by both Meera and Sri Krishna this is the reason why only this song was chosen among over 1200 Meera Bhajans. MAKING OF MERE TO GIRIDHAR GOPAL-THE SECRETS OF PRANA KISHORE Prana Kishore wanted to make this very very special since its all about Sri Krishna The following instruments were used many of which like saxophone and trumpet are used in rock music where used here.Here is the complete list of instruments used in recording this song 1. Tabla 2. Classical Violin 3. Saxophone 4. Trumpet 5. Flute 6. OUDH Rare 7. Mouth organ 8. Guitar Accoustic 9. Guitar Real 10. Chorus Philharmonic 11. Base Trillian 12. Effects Shaker on Tabla 13. Organ chords 14. PADs 15. DUDUK Rare 16. BAZUKI Rare 17. kango AgainstTabla 18. Tabla In Both Channels 19. Stylus RMX 20. Special Effects Traingle Main Instruments in Back Ground Music 1 Violin and Saxophone like western music Main Instruments in Back Ground Music 2 Oudh/Violin/Duduku/Flute Main Instruments In Back Ground Music 3 Violins of 3 deferent kinds/Saxophone Here is the main Secret 95% of singers sing to music already composed by listening to the music called the Track Track is music without the voice an singer sings to the track listening to the music which is so easy for the singers. Prana Kishore does the opposite which is very very difficult. He sings without ANY instruments just his voice and records his voice first meaning he sings first Then he sits down with the recording engineer and records each instruments one by one from the opening to back ground music 1-2-3.Finally he mixes and masters the song to 7.1 surround sound system How is he able to do this? Prana Kishore base is TABLA he learnt this instruments for 3yrs as a child and he is so comfortable singing without ANY instruments since rhythm he feels it while singing. Prana Kishores ardent follower of his music,his adviser and mentor Sri Bala says " Listening to all his devotional and non devotional music I came to one conclusion,It's as if all the instruments know Prana Kishore so well like their friend and Prana Kishore also loves all his instruments as much like his friend, this is like Meera Loving Krishna and Krishna loving Meera all in the mind.No wonder Prana Kishore quotes Music is life is Music as he thrives for the nextgen to enjoy his new kind of Prana Music to relieve their stress as they get curious to know more about the music and God"

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Baso More Meera Surrenders her love to Sri Krishna 15th Century Real Life Love Story

Baso More Meera Surrenders her Love to Sri Krishna 15th Century Real Life Love Story ( Hindi )

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli,Jayaprakash (JP)

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Baso More Is one of the Favorite song loved by both Meera and Sri Krishna.The story of Meera is Real Life Love Story between an human,a princess and the God Sri Krishna which happened In india in 15th Century.Prana Kishore sang and composed this song to appeal to NextGen yet using classical instruments from india.The highlghts of this song is the accompaniment on Mridangam by Sri Jayaprakash ( JP) from Coimbatore India a college friend of Prana Kishore at PSG College of Technology at Coimbatore. Prana Kishore played Tabla With Sri Jaya Prakash(JP) on Mridangam a jugal bandhi of beats at high speeds and JP Is the best.Jayaprakash a computer science genius played Mridangam for many top classical singers in India.This album is bring back both their friendship once again to the world of Music.Prana Kishore used rare instruments to make this song even more melodious for which he is known for adding to his divine voice. Smt Priyamvadha of ALL India Radio Cuddapah classical music teacher taught this Meera Bhajan to Prana Kishore.Prana Kishore is an accredited vocal artist of ALL India Radio Hyderabad for light and classical music and Tabla instrument. Sit back enjoy listening with head phones for surround sound 7.1 effects HD recording the best. KARAOKE VERSION IS AVAILBLE IN THIS SITE FOR YOU TO SING

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New Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram Full Song

New Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram ( Hindi )

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

Prana Kishore after the World Wide Successful Launch of their Music therapy album “ Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha” with Mantras,Pranayama and Meditation,Launched the “New Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram” on 15th Aug 2012 World Wide. Shri Mahatma Gandhi used to call this “Ram Dhun” his favorite.Gandhiji and his followers sang this during the 241 mile Salt Satyagraha March on 12th March 1930 from Sabarmati Ashram to coastal village Dandi in Gujarat India making it a turning point in Indian Independence movement. Gandhi sang this song and Bhajan in his daily prayers, some times short and some times with changes in lyrics. Prana Kishore sang the full and complete version never heard before with all the lyrics. This modern composition on Grand Piano and 12 Strings guitar makes it very melodious. Prana Kishore took great care while composing to bring the various elements which Gandhiji believed in like Truth is God,Truth is Religion, and Truth alone brings Peace. Try this by closing your eyes and listening to this song.You will experience calmness and inner peace like a music therapy miracle. Let this invoke the Gandhi in you and be your Satyagraha movement from today to practice Truth in your life for inner Peace and World Peace SECRET: This song originally had many instruments and after the recording is over and while mastering the album suddenly Prana Kishore believed that he made a huge mistake. The mistake was using too many instruments which went away from Sri Mahatma Gandhiji life of simplicity. Prana Kishore started removing one after other and finally removed 90% of instruments and the result is this melodious song with just grand piano, guitar and his voice that’s it.Simple is less,less is more and beautiful, so beautiful. Official Video: Don’t Miss the Official Video “ Is Mahatma Gandhi an Incarnation?” which starts with the Real Original Voice Of Sri Mahatma Gandhiji

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