Prana Kishore after the World Wide Successful Launch of their Music therapy album “ Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha” with Mantras,Pranayama and Meditation,Launched the “New Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram” on 15th Aug 2012 World Wide.
Shri Mahatma Gandhi used to call this “Ram Dhun” his favorite.Gandhiji and his followers sang this during the 241 mile Salt Satyagraha March on 12th March 1930 from Sabarmati Ashram to coastal village Dandi in Gujarat India making it a turning point in Indian Independence movement.
Gandhi sang this song and Bhajan in his daily prayers, some times short and some times with changes in lyrics. Prana Kishore sang the full and complete version never heard before with all the lyrics.
This modern composition on Grand Piano and 12 Strings guitar makes it very melodious.
Prana Kishore took great care while composing to bring the various elements which Gandhiji believed in like Truth is God,Truth is Religion, and Truth alone brings Peace.
Try this by closing your eyes and listening to this song.You will experience calmness and inner peace like a music therapy miracle.
Let this invoke the Gandhi in you and be your Satyagraha movement from today to practice Truth in your life for inner Peace and World Peace
SECRET: This song originally had many instruments and after the recording is over and while mastering the album suddenly Prana Kishore believed that he made a huge mistake. The mistake was using too many instruments which went away from Sri Mahatma Gandhiji life of simplicity. Prana Kishore started removing one after other and finally removed 90% of instruments and the result is this melodious song with just grand piano, guitar and his voice that’s it.Simple is less,less is more and beautiful, so beautiful.
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