Prana Kishore Special Songs for Ayodhya Sri Rama Mandir

Chalo Ayodhya Pebhare Rama Rasam Audio FREE

Pebhare Rama Rasam Chalo Ayodhya ( Telugu ) FREE

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

Prana Kishore sang and composed this song specially for Ayodhya Sri Rama Temple Prana Kishore new album Pebhare Rama Rasam Chalo Ayodhya was released for Sri Rama Namvami.Official worldwide Audio release was on 10th April 20 in I Tunes,Amazon,Google Music,Spotify and over 100 distributers.This is the official Video for the album.Prana Kishore NextGen Music Composer changed his music style from this album to appeal to the Nextgen retaining the clear pronunciation of Sanskrit for any one to listen,learn and sing.He will release karaoke version by end of 2020 for you to sing to his original music.Prana Kishore Composed, sang this song including chorus in 6 different voice.This is first time a devotional song has been recorded and released in 8D HD. Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra praise for Sri Rama is very devoted The essence of this song is how by singing Sri Ramas name you will keep distance from the sins and you will live a full-filled life .It will also help you to remove the fear and grief of the cycle of birth and death.Sri Ramas name is a sweet rasam and by chanting the name,it will protect not only you but the whole universe.Prana Kishore composed the song in fusion style to appeal to the nextgeneration.He added a twist to the original song by adding lyrics on Ayodhya,birth place of Sri Rama we should all visit and get blessed Karaoke version is there in karaoke section here

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Chalo Ayodhya -Pebhare Rama Rasam Official Video

Grand Wedding Song of Sita with Sri Rama

Sita Kalyana Vaibhogame for You

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

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Sita Kalyana Vaibhogame Worldwide release on 22 Feb 2021 If you want to get married soon to the right partner then this is the song for YOU Through I tunes,Amazon,Spotify and more Sri Hanuman did not see the grand wedding of Sri Rama with Sita. This is the visualization by Hanuman how grand that wedding must have been Saint Sri Thygaraja krithi Shankarabharana Rangam popularized in Carnatic tune by Sri Balamurali Krishna

Prana kishore sang and composed this song with symphony orchestra and classical traditional instruments to appeal to the next Gen How is Prana Kishore song different from others ? Prana kishore composing makes you experience the grand wedding in your mind If you close your eyes and listen in 8 D HD recording from 8 directions sounds The ending of the song Prana Kishore performs the wedding Which is one main difference The palace in the design is where Sita was born and got married in present day Nepal

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