Upcoming Albums Under Production for 2022 Release

Instrumental Tracks Presented here.

8D HD . Sounds from 8 Directions will Thrill YOU

Sri Krishna in Saudi Arabia - Upbeat, High Energy Song Specially  Composed for the Group " 100 Dancers In Desert " - 60% Chance You Will Start Belly Dancing.    

Ancient Queen's Lullaby Song for her Baby Prince -Surround Your Self in the Ocean Riding  in a Boat-50% Chances You Will Start Humming a Tune Of your Own with this Song. If so, Send us your views through contact  form  for Free song

War and World Peace -Guns in Daily Lives -Experimental Song- CAUTION NOT FOR WEAK HEARTED PEOPLE

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Sri Krishna in Saudi Arabia

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War and World Peace ( Caution NOT for Weak Heart Persons)

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