It All Started With Tabla

It All Started With Tabla


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Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli 600 Performances-64+Albums-150+ Tracks

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

Prana Kishore’s journey in music started at the age of 7 when his father Late Shri Bommireddipalli Bhima Row (International Arbiter of Chess) and Late Mother Wunnava Padma Mahalakshmi presented him with the Indian  percussion instrument Tabla used in light and classical music. He was then introduced to late Shri Shatrugnya famous Tabla teacher at Visakhapatnam (India) who was blind. Prana Kishore started giving stage performances by the time he was 8 yrs perhaps the youngest Tabla player. 
He moved to Chennai (India) and started one of the biggest bands “Gopi-Kishore Musiano” which had over 60 musicians.Prana Kishore Performed over 600 Stage shows.His band rented Organ from Mrs Shekhar,(Wife of Late R K Shekar Music Director), Mother of A R Rahman who was known as R S Dileep Kumar in his younger days. This was the transition from percussion player to singer to music composer. He learnt the art of instant composing in the studio from Joseph Krishna ( Associate of Music Director M S Viswanathan in Chennai) and they both used to teach  Tabla,Vocal , Violin,Piano at  Madras School of Blind.It was Prana Kishore’s way of giving back, since he learnt from a  Blind Teacher.  

Prana Kishore released over 60 albums worldwide through his own record label Prana Kishore Records in colloboration with I Tunes,Amazon Music,Spotify and over 150 big name distributors

Prana Kishore Mega album is one single song of duration 5 hours 15 minutes 50 seconds.”Healing Mantras Miracle Chants to walk with Sri Krishna to Happiness and Heaven” which won both the Asia and India Book  Of records 
Prana Kishore confirmed that this is the just the beginning of many albums which he will produce to help people to remove their Fear, Give Hope, Health and Happiness as Prana Music Therapy or easy listening to remove the stress and pain in this world  
Hobbies : Learning to play Blind Chess but never won with his father who is expert in Blind Chess and simultaneous chess with 75 players

He did his Masters in Engineering, and was working as General Manager for the TATA Group in India before leaving to Cyprus in Europe where he learnt Greek and Greek Music.He learnt Sanskrit  in college knows 8  languages  

Secret: Prana Kishore composes his back ground interludes for his songs by closing his eyes imagining a picture and humming the actual tune. 

Happily married to his college sweet heart, blessed with 2 daughters and Bella miniature poodle who likes his music 

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli 

Singer ,Song Writer , Music Composer, Music Producer, Musicologist,Vedic Scholar with over 20 years research in vedic Scripts and Sounds  

Listen and Learn Mantras,Chants ,Sansrkit Pop Dance and Devotional Music   

Genre : Prana Music,New Age, World Music,Indian Classical,Fusion with Real Sounds of Nature,Temple Bells,Birds,Rain and Synphony of Indian,Western and  rare Instruments of the World

World Wide Music Distribution through Prana Kishore Records 

Album Languages: Sanskrit,Awadhi,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada,Malayalam,Hindi,Punjabi,Gujarati,


Instruments Proficient: Tabla, TablaTarang,Mridamgam,Dholak,Bangoes,

Triple Cango,Thumbas,Digitaranag,Drums,Organ, and Pancha Mukha Vadya

Pancha Mukha Vadhya

Pancha Mukha Vadhya