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Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli - 600 Programs-50+Albums-150+ Tracks With More To Come

Prana Kishore’s journey in music started at the age of 7 when his father Late Shri Bommireddipalli  Bhima Row (International Arbiter of chess)   presented him with the Indian instrument Tabla a percussion instrument used in light and classical music. He was then introduced to late Shri Shatrugnya famous Tabla teacher at vizag (India) who was blind.His mother late Smt Bommireddipalli (Wunnava) PadmaMahalakshmi used to ensure that kishore practiced Tabla daily at 4.30am to 5.30am

Prana Kishore started giving stage performances by the time he was 8 yrs perhaps the youngest Tabla player with Ramana Prakash Orchestra in Visakhapatnam. He joined Engineering College and during holidays learnt Indian classical music,Bhajans and Ghazals from Ms Priyamvada and other teachers. He became the youngest classical singer to sing in Govt of India All India Radio station Hyderabad India. Back in those days one has to pass a vocal exam to sing as there were no private radio stations. 

He moved to Chennai (India) and started one of the biggest bands “Gopi-Kishore Musiano” which had over 60 musicians, Dancers on stage performing magic, and limbo dances with fire taking entertainment to the next level. He also started his first job at the Simpsons .Gopi was playing Roto Drums and Kishore was the lead singer.

Prana Kishore Performed over 600 Programs balancing work and music his passion. All his musicians were the ones who played in the film industry.

Every Sunday Prana Kishore used to teach Tabla and singing at Madras School of Blind at Chennai (India) to blind students giving back what he learnt from his blind teacher.

Its here he met Joseph Krishna associate of music director MS Viswanathan (most reputed music director in India. He sang for Joseph Krishna and also worked with him learning the concepts of Instant music composing in studios.Kishore, a Hindu also sang many Christian gospel songs for various recording companies in India. Kishore worked on his first album“Nazhira Divya Prabandham in Tamil (4000 verses praising the Lord) as singer and music composer. This was the transition from percussion player to singer to music composer.


Best Vocal artist in Indian classical music at Festember music festival India 

Best Vocal artist in Indian light music at Festember music festival India )

Best Band Indian light music at Festember music festival India 

Best Vocalist and Band at GCT music festival India 

He completed his Masters Degree in Engineering (PSG Tech) & Marketing  with many years of experience in marketing and management. Balancing work and music became difficult as he moved up the corporate ladder to General Manager TATA group when he left the  music field.

He moved to Cyprus in Europe where he learnt Greek and Greek music. He shifted to Dallas Texas USA and started his business in Real Estate and Marketing Consultancy

He is also a Life Coach and a Prana Music Therapist which he did to keep in touch with his passion music. Prana Kishore learnt Sanskrit in college and he also knows and sings in Tamil,Telugu,Kanada and Hindi. 

Prana Kishore starts working on his album first with research with the help of his wife, college sweet heart Rathi Kishore who uses her MBA (PSG Tech) skills to bring new insight to his album. She is the secret and lady behind his success having married for 25years as of  Dec 2011.Prana Kishore gift to her was this album “Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha” composing this time with their daughters Dr Keerthana Kishore and Dr Sitara Kishore who are both physicians. Both of them are also singers and Choreographers.

Dr Keerthana Kishore and Dr Sitara Kishore worked with Prana Kishore on creating new kind of music called “Prana Music” which has 5 elements of the earth (Fire, Water, Air, Space and Earth) just like our human body.


70% of the earth has water.70% of Human Body has water and that’s why Prana Kishore Team used real sounds of the holy river Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi, Pambha and Manasarovar River along with real sounds of Birds and mixed them with ancient Healing Mantras which were sung by Prana Kishore in this album. Then added Prana Nidra (silent yoga guided meditation for 3mnts at work and 7minutes at home to remove stress and all one has to do is to just listen to it. They did not stop with this and went ahead adding

Pranayama 4types and how to do Pranayama (breathing techniques) to improve blood circulation, and supply oxygen to all the cells in our body.

This is “Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha” a Double CD which has healing mantras,Healing Prana Music, guided meditation and pranayama all in one for 108 minutes and 54 tracks to  remove stress, help solve your life style problems and make you very happy.Shri Rama Hanuman Chalisa with 108 names of Shri Rama is first of its kind sung in 2 scales by Prana Kishore

Keerthana mentioned that Prana Music  is like a DNA and every person and his mind accepts a particular kind of music to help remove stress and relax.

Sitara added that music DNA includes scale, pitch, instrument, Tune, Raaga, lyrics, sound effects and finally the voice.

Prana Kishore confirmed that this is the just the beginning of many albums which they will producer which will help people to remove their fear, give Hope, Health and happiness as  music therapy or easy listening to remove the stress and pain in this world

 ST Arasu, brother in law and Drummer , who over seas the production and marketing added that he is glad Prana Kishore  is reconnected with his passion  “Music is life” and “Life is music” for this family.

They are hoping that they will receive the support of music lovers around the world who will also  improve their life style and live in  peace believing that In God We Trust, In God We Rest!