Sanskrit Mantras on All Hindu Gods -Listen, Learn in 5 Easy Steps for Your Wishes to Come True


How do you decide which God you need to pray and why? 

First Choose the Gods based on two factors. 

Kulam Devata : Gods which are prayed in your home by your parents and grandparents. Prana Kishore Kulam devatas are Sri Venkateswara Swamy and Lord Shiva 

Ishta Devata : Gods which you like to pray, like your favorite Gods.Prana Kishore Ishta devatas are Sri Venkateswara Swamy,Sri Hanuman,Sri Rama,Lord Shiva,Sri Ganesha,Durga,Sri Vishnu,Sri Lalithaambikai 

Choose one or more God/Gods from Kulam Devata 

Choose one or more God/Gods from Ishta Devata 

Why we should pray God? 

The choice to pray or not pray God is yours, but there are countless benefits of praying God. God is like a belief system. If you do not pray God, you will not believe in anything in life. You will not believe in yourself, relationships, marriage, work, careers and will feel unhappy, frustrated with a complaining attitude on every one and everything in life. You will feel there is an unexplained VOID inside you which you are unable to explain nor know how to fill the VOID to be happy. 

The mantras chosen and presented here by Prana Kishore are very powerful due to their meaning and association with God. Hinduism has only One God but in various forms we see in life. There is a God specifically for each type of wish you want to be fulfilled, example Praying the God Saraswathi who is known for Education and Fine arts, you will be successful in your examination or performance with high honors. 

Why are these mantras in Sanskrit? 

Sanskrit is the language spoken by the Gods, that’s why you need to learn the correct pronunciation. If you pronounce incorrectly the whole meaning changes from positive to negative meaning. Majority of Sanskrit words do not have equivalent words in English hence Sanskrit cannot be translated into English especially the religious scripts. 

Prana Kishore Vedic  Learning System in 5 Easy Steps 

Prana Kishore due to his education in Sanskrit and research designed a Vedic way to easily listen and learn Sanskrit mantras, chants, songs in 5 easy steps 

Step 1: Listen to the mantra/song- 5 times 

Step 2: Learn the tune of the mantra/song. He composes like a song to remember. Listen 5 times 

Step 3: Learn how Prana Kishore pronounces the Sanskrit words as he sings slowly and separates the words with tiny pauses between words. Listen 5 Times 

Step 4: Sing Along with the Voice of Prana Kishore- 5 Times 

Step 5: Sing Alone the mantra, chant or song. You can sing with Prana Kishore Karaoke’s in Video Karaoke section   

How do you Prioritize which Gods to Pray? 

In Hinduism this is the Priority of Gods. If you notice, God’s position is not in  no 1 position but no 4 position 

1 Maatha -Mother 

Edhi Naa Ammaku Jhola Pata-Lullaby Song For My Mother (Telugu) 14th May 2017 

Naa Amma: Padmamahalakshmi (Divine Roles of Mother) (Telugu )-6th Sept 2016

2 Pitha -Father 

 Edhi Ma Nana Katha –(Telugu) -11th May 2020

3 Guru – Teacher 

Guru Brahma Mantra- Teacher is God who gives knowledge and wisdom from Album “Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha” 

4 Bhagavan- God

 Hare Krishna Maha Mantra: Opens the Doors to Love and Heaven (Sanskrit) -1st Feb 2016



Divine Roles Of Mother in Your Life

Naa Amma Padma Mahalakshmi Divine Roles Of Mother ( Telugu ) FREE If You ask me to sing on my mother what can I sing

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli and Sitara Kishore

"If you ask me to sing on my mother what can I sing" is the main theme of this song Prana kishore wrote on his mother and every mother Prana Kishore uses natural sounds in his music and highlight of this song is the sweet sound of a Baby Crying at birth and ends with the same Baby Laughing which will make you laugh too.In India mothers use their saree and tie it like a Cradle or Hammock and make their baby to sleep in it.The baby feels warm and cozy just like sleeping next to her mother. This song has been written,composed and sang by Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli with his daughter Sitara Kishore on his mother late Wunnava PadmaMahalakshmi,Bommireddipalli The meaning goes like this:If you ask me to sing on my mother,what can I sing since there is so much and still he emphasizes various roles our mother plays in our life. check out FREE one more song on mother and Father here

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Lullaby Song for My Mother and Every Mother

Edhi Na Amma Ku Jhola Pata ( Telugu ) Lullaby Song for My Mother FREE

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli and Sitara Kishore

You must have heard lullaby songs sang by mothers. This song is a lullaby song for mothers to sleep. It took 4 years for Prana Kishore to write because its tough to write his mother or mothers. Its even more personal to him since he sang with his Sitara. This song will make you to sleep due to its melody. Please play this for your mother and make her sleep. CHECK OUT FREE ONE MORE SONG ON MOTHER AND FATHER HERE

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Invisible Tears Tell the Story Of Every Father

Edhi Ma Nana Katha ( Telugu ) FREE (Invisible Tears Tell the Story Of Every Father

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

This is the story of my father and every father LISTEN ONLY WITH HEAD PHONES FOR 8D SOUND After the success of two albums on his Mother, Prana Kishore started working on this album from 2016 This song is very personal to Prana Kishore because it is about his late father Sri Bommireddipalli Bhima Row. Prana Kishore wrote the lyrics in Telugu, Composed and Sang this song for worldwide release on his father’s birthday 11th May 2020 The Album Cover in 3 D and Song in 8 D Super HD Composed in R N B style makes it unique, appealing to the Nextgen and all ages reminding about the importance of father in our lives. The meaning of the song goes like this: The invisible tears tell the story of my father This is my father’s story This is your father’s Story This is every Father’s story The invisible tears tell the story of my father Is our Father the invisible God? Is our Father the Visible God? The invisible tears tell the story of my father 1 Dad, how do you make me laugh When you are so sad in your heart? Iam your whole world Iam your whole universe The invisible tears tell the story of my father 2 You are like the King in the Chess Board You are like a Commander protecting me at all times You are protecting me throughout the life (He was 7th International arbiter of Chess from India) (He played simultaneous chess with 50 people at the same time and won with all of them) (He played Blind chess with two people at the same time and won with both of them) (On the side note, Prana Kishore was a university chess champion but could not win even once in Blind Chess game with his father) The invisible tears tell the story of my father 3 You are like Sri Rama to my mother You are like Sri Krishna to me advising and training me You are always supporting your Brothers You are like Bhima to them This is Bhima Row’s Story Are you the God sent by the Gods? Are you the God living like a human being? This is my father’s story The God in every house is only our Father The invisible tears tell the story of my father Is our Father the invisible God? Is our Father the Visible God? Ending The Visible Tears are the story of my father Prana Kishore adds: One life time is not enough to really understand the sacrifices made by our fathers Father’s Day is Every day, Appreciate your Father Thank him and Tell him You Love him Prana Kishore dedicates this song to his Father and all fathers in the world Prana Kishore Nextgen Music Composing is for you for easy listening, or learning to sing or just dance to the trendy beats anywhere any time

The karaoke Version will be made available in Karaoke section CHECK OUT FREE SONGS ON MOTHER TOO

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Guru Brahma : Teacher is God Who Gives Knowledge

Hare Krishna Maha Mantra: Opens the Doors to Love and Heaven

The below Gods are not prioritized in any particular order


5  Sri Ganesh Mantras

Om Gan Ganapataye Ganesha 

Shri  Siddhivinyak Ganesh Maha Mantra for Nextgen ( Sanskrit ) 

Suklam Bharadharam Vishnu from Album “Om Shri Rama Hanuman Mantra”

Om Gan Ganapataye Ganesha

Om Gan Ganapataye Ganesha ( Sanskrit )

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

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Prana Kishore composed and Sang this powerful mantra with trendy fusion music specifically for the Nextgen for them to Listen,Learn the Mantra to repeat with perfect pronunciation. Casual listening in car drives,or you feel like dancing, just go for it. The catchy tune will change your moods.Recorded in 8D HD with 8 Directional Sound for the first time in the world for devotional songs.Please listen with head phones or ear buds of phone for positive vibrations leading to joy, happiness and success.Prana Kishore releases, the 4-word Powerful Mula Mantra of Sri Ganesha to help you win over the problems, you never experienced in your life due to Covid. Om Gan Ganapataye Namah means the devotee bows/ offers salutations to the Lord of the World.This powerful Mantra plants the seeds of success in your mind removing the fear in your mind that you cannot succeed. This mantra was first mentioned in Ganapati Atharvashirsha. Ganapati Atharvashirsha is said to have been written by Atharva Rishi after he had the darshan of Sri Ganpati(Ganesha). 8 Forms of Sri Ganesha Ganesha,Vakratunda,Ekadanta,Mahodara,Gajanana,Lambodara Vikata,Vighnaraja,Dhumravarna. The mangalashtaka (poetic lines spoken at the time of marriage or thread ceremony) of Ashtavinayaka is sang in all holy occasions. Worldwide Release for Sri Ganesh Chaturdhi on 21 Aug 2020 in I Tunes,Amazon Music and over 50 distributors wordwide Join me in this musical journey, subscribe to my prana Kishore Channel to receive my albums for free the moment I upload them OM GAN GANAPATAYE NAMAHA, Happy Birthday Sri Ganesha Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

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Shri Siddhivinyak Ganesh Maha Mantra for Nextgen

Shri Siddhivinyak Ganesh Maha Mantra for Nextgen ( Sanskrit )

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

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This is a powerful mantra for Sri Sidhi Vinayak Ganesha and for any Ganesha a must learn first mantra before we learn the other mantras.The sound effects you hear are real sounds of holy river ganga and birds as Prana Music therapy to remove your stress. Sri Ganesha removes all your hurdles and problems with this mantra repeated 21 times daily for 21 days

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