Prana Kishore Fans Reviews

Prana Fans Reviews

1 Shri Rama Mantra Equivalent to saying 1000 names of Vishnu

Desmond Robinson BBC 5.0 out of 5 stars

The Glory of Ramanama 17 April 2012 Verified Purchase

The Story of India (BBC Audio) The Amazon MP3

“Shri Rama Mantra Equivalent to saying 1000 names of Vishnu is simply excellent! The rich Indian male voice of Prana Kishore gives this Mantra a very special healing sound, he chants it slowly and distinctly for over one minute-when the Mantra is repeated on one disc it has indeed a very relaxing effect-great when driving along in the car!

 2 Om Sai-Shirdi Sai Baba Mantra-Bhajan

Vasumathi 5.0 out of 5 stars

Very inspiring and soul filling! I particularly love the authenticity of both voice and instrumentation.I always feel transported directly to Sai Shirdi Sai Baba's Mahasamadi Shrine although I have never been there in person.

3 Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha-Album

-I have started listening to your CD, in stages, great job,  It has been a great soothing experience to listen to your gifted  Voice, clear pronunciations, and more importantly, highly creative  and well- assembled sequence of slogaas and music... Particularly the  Interleaving of OM mantras getting sandwiched between phrases of  Suklaam Bharatharam

-It’s extremely worth it. Very nice tone and good composing. thanks a lot.

-Dear Kishore, I have listened to the CD s with full attention. First impressions are the end-product fully meets the requirements of the first time listeners, great care is taken to avoid mistakes in rendition, production ensures good quality depth of sound to facilitate the vibrant chanting of the mantras and slokas and finally your family as a whole created an unenviable impression on the listeners.Kishore, you have done an excellent service to the vast majority of those needing the right direction in their quest for peace and happiness. Will they look for it and benefit by your efforts? Those who do it are the blessed. With Very best wishes - BALA

- This is so useful during travel. Listening to the CDs I can pass time for 108 minutes. In between flights at airports, I do Prana Nidra silent yoga for 3minutes and my stress was gone and helps me go fresh to my meeting. I go to my hotel room and before I sleep I do Prana Nidra for 7minutes, helps me unwind and sleep well. My perfect travel companion helping me improve my lifestyle/Shankar

Kara Charana Kritam Va (Sanskrit)

I taught my son 6 years old and his neighbor friend kids . Just once by playing your video on speak they learnt very well and he is sings it daily before he sleeps, by listening to him and little daughter 3 years old. She also started singing perfectly .... the beauty is my whole family members learnt from my kids mom side and in laws too happy ..Thanks for this awesome recording .

4 Sri Rama Hanuman Chalisa

 They are absolutely top class and your voice was superbly smooth and sounding totally professional. The CD is well made and will receive many bouquets from everyone.- /Dr Sita ram

5 Sri Rama Hanuman Chalisa Compared with Top 10 Singers

 I have listened to your Shri Rama Hanuman Chalisa and compared it line by line with other Hanuman Chalisas sung by 10 top artists on my I POD by shuffling it.Kishore yours stands out as the BEST of all Hanuman challisas.You   have sung with utmost devotion, voice is so clear, Sanskrit pronunciation is perfect and easy to learn. Over all Composition is very divine. / Arasu

6 Quit Smoking After Listening to Sri Rama Hanuman Chalisa

 I listened to Shri Rama Hanuman Chalisa every day 3 times a day and left smoking after 21days.Iam still not smoking. Whenever I feel like smoking, I listen to Shri Rama Hanuman Chalisa. My family is very happy.Big Thank you to you- / Murthy

7 Depression Reduced with Panchamukha Hanuman Mantra

After years of Depression and medicines,I tried Panchamukha Hanuman Mantras for 21 days first showed improvement and continued for 108 days and glad to report Iam out of Depression and no medicines.I realised its all in the mind and this Miracle CD and Prana Music Therapy worked for me.Iam not a Hindu but this worked for me. Very Grateful to you  Kishore/ -Robert

8 Power of Your Om Mantra Singing/Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha CD2

I listen to Om daily and whenever Iam down and listening to Om (aum) helps me to feel inner peace and happiness. Last track Om teaches us How to sing Om in deferent ways.I can sing Om now Hurray! There is nothing religious about Om which is universal/ - James Yoga Teacher/CA

9 How to do 4 types of Pranayama in 8 Minutes /CD2 Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha

Baba Ram Dev teaches Pranayama.But there is no count on how many times to breath in,hold and exhale.In Prana Kishore Pranayama both Keerthana  and  Sitara Kishore Teach Pranayama with count 4-2-6 ( Inhale 1-2-3-4-Hold1- 2-Exhale1-2-3-4-5- 6 )and one can practice all 4 Types (Ujain,Analom Vilom,Bhastrika/Kapala Bhatti) listening on I pod which I do now all the time/-.Prema

10 Prana Nidra Guided Meditation at work 3 Minutes/At Home 7 Minutes

I have tried several 'Yoga Nidra's', this 'Prana Nidra'... is my favorite! Your voice is soothingly beautiful. I can't wait to share it! Namaste'

11 Rajathi Rojapo ( Romantic Pop )Tamil

Your Young Voice has come back to u once again. glad./

 -Dr T Padmanbhan-( Kishore sang  in my band Kalaivani Orchestra, Chidambaram,TN and gave over 200 performances with Telugu,Tamil.Hindi Film Songs and Played Tabla too

12 Hanuman 108 Names-108 Miracles In 108 days(Sanskrit )

My dear Brother Kishore,It was made well

I just finished listening to it and my body top to toe is reverberating with that vibrations,God bless.........


-Heard the song dedicated to your mom.A feeling of gratitude was there in hearing the song for the sacrifices done by mothers

--Beautifully rendered song-Soulful song on mother

-Heard the song. Very vibrant. Very touching. Most of us know the value of something only when we do not have it now !! Except you and me

-Heard the entire song,it is beautiful ! A touching tribute to mother !Congratulations Kishore garu and Sitara

14 New Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram ( Mahatma Gandhiji fav Song)

-As an admirer of both Gandhi and Mandela, the choice of the melody to accompany the text is a most appropriate one/- George Rampersad/SA 

15 Pebhara Rama Rasam (Telugu )-Uplifting-Ectasy

- Good Evening. Ur Album was so spiritual,its a blessing to our latest generation. So clearly all the  topics vr explained. Congratulations for ur success.  Mom and my son ,felt vry interesting. Both r attached to such stories, books.. They keep themselves busy in such peaceful thoughts/-RK

—Hi. I have started the day ( today 12 th) with ur album. What a beginning !  Ur presentation is clothed in a tune that is most appropriate and wanted now by our world. The tune lifts up the listeners' mood to a reasonable level of ecstasy! It helps to clear the present level of sorrow which hangs like a dark cloud above us. May Rama Bless you and your family/-Balachandran

—-Hearty Congratulations on the release of your new album! The quality of the sound and your melodious rendition of the age old classic song have opened a new dimension to devotional music! /-Sitaram

16 Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam for Nextgen ( Sanskrit )-Devotional Trance

- Dear Kishore,  ur product puts the western listeners into a TRANCE ! My wife and I listened to it and for the first time we found this presentation highly acceptable . Superb !!!! One minor observation ....the volume of the background "beats " may be reduced by about 10% to give greater listening effect.Excellent !  God Bless you and ur family/Bala

16 Sri Lalitha Sahasranama for Nextgen (Sanskrit )-Coverts Devi into Sound

- Hi.True to ur nature, your rendition of the stothram has converted DEVI into sound. Congrats.The listener gets tied to the sound no sooner he starts to listen.  Great.GOD BLESS YOU/Bala

17 Edhi Ma Nana Katha ( Telugu Song on Father)  

-It reminded of my father whom I totally forgot and never thought of him last 50 yrs and made me cry

18 Aigiri Nandhini Battlefield Victory Song (Sanskrit )

- Majestic voice to suit the rhythm of the song! /-Vivek

- Excellent music quality and singing!

19 Sri Vishnu Sahasranama for Nextgen ( Karaoke Version)Sanskrit

-This is the first time I came across two things. Excellent video with Sanskrit lyrics in English for non Sanskrit persons to listen,learn right pronounciation.Delighted to see Karaoke Version for any one to sing to your music.I noticed you made karaoke version for Sri Lalitha Sahasranama also with English lyrics and I think for all your songs.Great!Please make the video with English lyrics for Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam