Prana Kishore Romantic Songs for His Sweet Heart

Rajathi Rojapu (Tamil ) Ever Lasting Romantic Classic

Rajathi Rojapu(Tamil)-Ever Lasting Romantic Classic

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli-Levlin -S T Arasu

Enjoy this mega album with 100 instruments and Violins symphonies and let there be romance day after day in every one's life This song lyrics and concept composition was originally by Dr S N Sivanandam Ex Prof HOD Computer Science of PSG College of Technology,Coimbatore,India.In Aug 1979 Prana Kishore sang the same song in All India Radio Coimbatore and it became an instant hit since it was the First Private Album Song then. Prana Kishore recorded the same song with modern composition with Upbeat Music this time recorded in Professional studio in HD 7.1 surround sound in April 2016 in Chennai India.His dear friend Levlin sang the second melody and his brother in law S T Arasu played rhythm and drums.This song is still a hit recording after 37 years. Pl listen to this song in head phones or ear buds of Phone for HD quality and to listen to over 100 instruments used in this song Sit back and enjoy this Ever-Lasting Romantic Classic Worldwide release and One of his Top Hits In Europe

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En Kadhali - The Girl in RedHalf Saree-A Tamil Romantic Melody

En Kadhali- The Girl in Red Half Saree-A Tamil Romantic Melody

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

En Kadhali is a beautiful melodious song in Tamil composed and sang by Prana Kishore.Half Saree is a famous dress in south India.Prana Kishore dedicates this song to his college sweet heart. This is a typical conversation in any college in India -Who is that girl in Red Half Saree who is so beautiful. Music Concept: The song is a dream song of a young guy in college dreaming about his girl. when music starts and the song begins one's mind goes into a dream world The lyrics are all about his Dream girl in red Half Saree which he saw in college. He thinks about her and dreams of one day getting married to her. The meaning of the song is briefly given below: Oh, my dear, Can I write a poem for just for you Just for you, can I write a song, compose and sing for you He meets that Girl in Red half Saree in real life and they both become good friends He writes a song "En Kadhali-The Girl in Red Half Saree"
Every night in his dream he can hear the song En Kadhali playing again and again. When he meets her during day time, he forgets that song and also forgets to tell her about the song Is this a Dream or an intuition, a sign of things to happen in real life? He does not know One day he remembers the whole song. He rushes to the studio and sings and records the song.
Their friendship grows to become close friends but he does not have the courage to tell her that he loves her and wants to marry her. She reads on the college notice board that he is going to sing the song En Kadhali-The Girl in red Half Saree” on the college Fare well day He is on stage ready to sing the song, the announcement was made about the song, All the boys and girls are curious to hear the song and to know if there is a really a girl in Red Half Saree in his life He finished singing the song to a great applause. He gets down from the stage The girl in Red Half Saree him. She is the same girl, his close friend They both fall in love and get Happily married ever after Prana Kishore composed and sang this song in Tamil. Grand Piano and Flute are prominent instruments which make this song unique and melodious. This is a conversation in every college only this time it is dedicated to his wife on their 30th Anniversary in Dec 2016. Prana Kishore was asked if this song was his real-life story and he replied he did get the inspiration from the girl in red half Saree, his College Sweet Heart, his wife Worldwide release in I Tunes,Amazon,Apple Music on 12th Dec 2016 There is a girl in Red Half Saree in every college and in every man's life En Kadhali-The Girl in Red Half Saree-Now Who is that girl in your life? Don’t miss the official video too here or in video section

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En Kadhali - The Girl in Red Half Saree-A Tamil Romantic Melody-Official Video

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