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Hanuman 108 Names-108 Miracles in 108 days is a Single music CD with
108 Beautiful and Divine names of Sri Hanuman sang and composed
by Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli.
What is Unique about this song?
It is 14 minutes of your one on one experience with Sri Hanuman. It is your private space for your Body, Mind and Heart to connect with Sri Hanuman like never before.
What is New about this CD?
Sri Hanuman names are in Sanskrit with many long names since they describe his powerful characteristics.The names are pronounced in such a way that you can listen and learn all the names easily. This is the most important step
Most of the devotional music and albums in market are for elder generations and do not appeal to the younger generation of today.Prana Kishore composed this CD to appeal to the younger generation with NextGen Music. The music has trendy beats to the melodious voice of Prana Kishore.
Younger generation of today can do casual listening of this one song while getting ready to work or while driving in the car.
When you have stress or problems get into the Hanuman zone with your head phones or ear buds and listen to this one song with your eyes closed.
Observe the changes happening inside your body and mind. Watch the change in moods and miracles happening to you from that moment.