From the recording Sri Hanuman Chalisa for Nextgen

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This Hanuman Chalisa has been rated the best Hanuman Chalisa by world radio after comparing it with other versions.
Shri Hanuman Chalisa is the only miracle song one needs to listen and learn in life to be successful. Prana Music Compositions brings the atmosphere of the temple inside your home with real sounds of holy river Ganga, Pambha, extinct Birds, Temple Bells from Tirupati and Varanasi. The Powerful 40 verses lyrics sang so clearly to create maximum impact in your life. Also in the album are other songs,mantras,chants on Shri Hanuman which you can use to solve your life’s problems while you enjoy them.
Prana Kishore Specially composed and sang this song for Next Generation to help them easily learn, with clear pronunciation while they enjoy the melody surrounded with real sounds of Ganga and extinct birds like a music therapy to also remove the stress.
He used Grand Piano,Sitar,Santoor,Tabla,violins,Digi Tarang and many rare instruments from India. S T Arasu has overseen the entire production
Prana Kishore wants you to try this to experience changes inside you:
Listen to this song of 12 minutes in your car driving to your work and notice,how you handle your day calmly with positive attitude.
Listen to this song at home closing your eyes and watch your stress gone
Listen to this song at home and watch your High Blood pressure go down.
Listen to this song every time you feel like smoking and you will develop the self-control to stop smoking in 21 days.
The power of the 40 verses, the power of the real sounds and Prana Kishore composing does the wonders you want in your life
Shri Hanuman Chalisa album was released worldwide on 8th Feb 2014