Veda Vyasa Eka Slokam Bhagavatham-Know Your Sri Krishna In 4 Lines(Sanskrit ) FREE

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

Eka Slokam Bhagavatam is a 4 lines Sanskrit mantra for you to know all about Sri Krishna's story in just 4 lines.This is written by Maharishi Sri Veda Vyasa Wrote Mahabharat, Bhagavad Gita, Vedas and many Puranas.Prana Kishore a Vedic scholar, composed and sang this mantra in his divine voice. The chorus was also sang by him in 4 different voices and mixed with his main voice. Veda Vyasa Eka Slokam Bhagavatham-Know Your Sri Krishna In 4 Lines Aadhau Devakidevi-Garba-Jananam Gopi Griha Vardhanam -Hare Krishna Maaya-Putana-Jeeva-Thapa Haranam Govardhano Dhaaranam - Hare Krishna Kamsachchedana-kauravaadhi-Hananam Kuntisutha-Phalanam - Hare Krishna Etath-Bhagavatam Purana-Kadhitam SriKrishna-LeelaAmrutam - Hare Krishna Born to queen Devaki, he grew up in the house of Gopis.He killed the Poothana demon with supernatural powers, Lifted the Govardhana mountain.He Beheaded his uncle Kamsa, Helped in killing the Kouravas, And looked after the children of Kunthi. This is in short,the ancient story of Bhagavatham from Puranas,which describes the Lord Sri Krishna and his playful and memorable sweet stories LISTEN TO THE SONG SANG AND COMPOSED BY PRANA KISHORE WITH HEAD PHONES AND LEARN THE 4 LINES AS YOU LISTEN

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