Baso More Meera Surrenders her Love to Sri Krishna 15th Century Real Life Love Story ( Hindi )

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli,Jayaprakash (JP)

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Baso More Is one of the Favorite song loved by both Meera and Sri Krishna.The story of Meera is Real Life Love Story between an human,a princess and the God Sri Krishna which happened In india in 15th Century.Prana Kishore sang and composed this song to appeal to NextGen yet using classical instruments from india.The highlghts of this song is the accompaniment on Mridangam by Sri Jayaprakash ( JP) from Coimbatore India a college friend of Prana Kishore at PSG College of Technology at Coimbatore. Prana Kishore played Tabla With Sri Jaya Prakash(JP) on Mridangam a jugal bandhi of beats at high speeds and JP Is the best.Jayaprakash a computer science genius played Mridangam for many top classical singers in India.This album is bring back both their friendship once again to the world of Music.Prana Kishore used rare instruments to make this song even more melodious for which he is known for adding to his divine voice. Smt Priyamvadha of ALL India Radio Cuddapah classical music teacher taught this Meera Bhajan to Prana Kishore.Prana Kishore is an accredited vocal artist of ALL India Radio Hyderabad for light and classical music and Tabla instrument. Sit back enjoy listening with head phones for surround sound 7.1 effects HD recording the best. KARAOKE VERSION IS AVAILBLE IN THIS SITE FOR YOU TO SING

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