Naa Amma Padma Mahalakshmi Divine Roles Of Mother ( Telugu ) FREE If You ask me to sing on my mother what can I sing

Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli and Sitara Kishore

"If you ask me to sing on my mother what can I sing" is the main theme of this song Prana kishore wrote on his mother and every mother Prana Kishore uses natural sounds in his music and highlight of this song is the sweet sound of a Baby Crying at birth and ends with the same Baby Laughing which will make you laugh too.In India mothers use their saree and tie it like a Cradle or Hammock and make their baby to sleep in it.The baby feels warm and cozy just like sleeping next to her mother. This song has been written,composed and sang by Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli with his daughter Sitara Kishore on his mother late Wunnava PadmaMahalakshmi,Bommireddipalli The meaning goes like this:If you ask me to sing on my mother,what can I sing since there is so much and still he emphasizes various roles our mother plays in our life. check out FREE one more song on mother and Father here

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