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We all are  in search of God.Mother is the living God among us in our own home

This is a 4 year project as Prana Kishore struggles to compose songs on his mother Late Smt Bommireddipalli (Wunnava) PadmaMahalakshmi and all mothers around the world

He says Mother is an ocean and its difficult to write lyrics on her,compose and sing.Finally he succeeds this April 2016 and records two songs on his mother in Telugu and other languages will follow.

simple easy to understand lyrics with grand music symphony of musical instruments and composing by Prana Kishore who used very rare instruments from India, Egypt and other countries

Lyrics & Music : Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli

Voice : Prana Kishore Bommireddipalli & Dr Sitara Kishore

1 Naa Amma Midha Padamani ( Telugu)

The lyrics in Telugu mean :if you ask me to sing my mother what can I sing but he emphasizes various roles played by our mother in our life.

2 Edhi Naa Ammaku Jhola Pata ( Telugu )

The lyrics in Telugu mean: This is an lullaby song for my mother to make her sleep, as she is very tired from her daily work.

listen to both the songs in "Must Listen Hits"

Pl await worldwide release of mother songs in 2016/2017.