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Would you like to join Prana Kishore in his future projects in music,videos,movies and books to reach the Next Generation


Prana Kishore- 600 programs- 32 albums -130 Tracks in 5 languages

Prana Kishore has very ambitious projects to grow to the next level



You have certain skills or hobby and would like to use them to create a portfolio for yourself and for publicity.

These are voluntary positions and you will work one on one with Prana Kishore and credit will be given to you

Here are the opportunities for you

1 Graphics Designers for Prana Kishore CD covers and videos

2 Videographers -Skills to make 2D 3D 360 degrees videos

3 Virtual Reality Videos- Skills to make VR videos

4 Drone Videos- Using Drones to shoot videos

5 Video Editors for making videos for  Prana Kishore You Tube  Channel

6 Gaming Software-Develop a gaming software basic explaining concepts of Hinduism with content already developed by Prana Kishore

7 Photographers with/without existing photos of nature,temples,idols,just about anything

8 App Developer-You can develope an App but need content and music to promote your App

9 City -Street I Phone Photographer-To shoot pictures of road side small temples.idols with brief 5 lines history.

10 Researchers- Ability to research and write crisp write-up for easy understanding by common man on various topics on Hinduism.

11 Prana Kishore Fan club-Start this club and promote prana kishore music and you tube channel at various places on the web.All you need to do is add the links at various places on the web.

12 Prana Kishore Face Book-Can you manage his face book

13 Prana Kishore Blogs-Can you manage his blogs, consolidate his blogs,change the themes etc.

Time: We expect you to be good in time management to move the projects fast

Sincerity : You will enjoy this work if you truly have the passion to improve yourself.

Selection Process :

Positive attitude is main criteria to get selected from candidates of ANY AGE.

Pl send a brief resume mentioning the following in 1-2 pages

Full Name City State Country email and mobile number

Position you are interested:


Samples of your work if you have but not a must.

Prana Kishore will email you for more information if required and will call you for a discussion.

We are really picky about candidates who want to work with us and grow with us.

Many a times candidates write for the sake of it and then lose interest within a week.

Pl send a brief resume  1-2 pages to and any questions contact Prana Kishore through Prana Kishore contact form on