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Feel the Effect of Flowing River and Birds Singing, Let Your Prana Enjoy

Suklam Bharadharam

Tvameva Maatha

Om Sai Shridi Saibaba

Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha

Prana Nidra for 3 Minutes at work

Prana Nidra for 7 Minutes at Home

Pranayama 4 Types for 8 minutes

Multiple Uses of CD

Easy Listening to Relax from Stress Feeling the OM Vibration & Rama Hanuman Chalisa

Easy to  Learn Or Listen to  Mantras to Improve Life Style, For Instant Hope, Courage & Remove Fears Etc

As Music Therapy cure to most Ailments like Depression,Anger & Even Stop Smoking

Practice Prana Nidra -Silent Yoga Guided Meditation at Work for 3 mnts & Home for 7mnts All you need to do is Close Eyes & Listen- FREE Down Load 

Practice Pranayama 8mnts Guided Breathing Technics to Improve Blood Circulation and Oxygen to Cells in yr Body-FREE Down Load

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Reviews so far :   Desmond Robinson   5.0 out of 5 stars The Glory of Ramanama 17 April 2012 Verified Purchase The Story of India (BBC Audio) The Amazon MP3 Download: Shri Rama Mantra Equivalent to saying 1000 names of Vishnu is simply excellent! The rich Indian male voice of Prana Kishore gives this Mantra a very special healing sound, he chants it slowly and distinctly for over one minute-when the Mantra is repeated on one disc it has indeed a very relaxing effect-great when driving along in the car! ----------------------------------- Om Sai-Shirdi Sai Baba Mantra-Bhajan  Vasumathi 5.0 out of 5 starsI particularly love the authenticity of both voice and instrumentation September 8, 2015 Format: MP3 Music|Verified Purchase Very inspiring and soul filling! I particularly love the authenticity of both voice and instrumentation. I always feel transported directly to Sai Shirdi Sai Baba's Mahasamadi Shrine although I have never been there in person. ---------------------------------   I have started listening to your CD, in stages, great job,  It has been a great soothing experience to listen to your gifted  Voice, clear pronunciations, and more importantly, highly creative  and well- assembled sequence of slogaas and music... Particularly the  Interleaving of OM mantras getting sandwiched between phrases of  Suklaam Bharatharam...JP --------------------------  It’s extremely worth it. Very nice tone and good composing. thanks a lot from Chitti -------------------------------  Dear Kishore, I have listened to the CD s  with full attention. First impressions are.....end-product fully meets the requirements of the first time listeners, great care is taken to avoid mistakes in rendition, production ensures good quality depth of sound to facilitate the vibrant chanting of the mantras and slokas  and finally your family as a whole created an unenviable impression on the listeners.Kishore, you have done an excellent service to the vast majority of those needing the right direction in their quest for peace and happiness. Will they look for it and benefit by your efforts? Those who do it are the blessed. With Very best wishes - BALA -------------------------------  They are absolutely top class and your voice was superbly smooth and sounding totally professional. The CD is well made and will receive many bouquets from everyone. Wishing you a very happy New Year 2012./  Dr Sita ram -----------------------------  I have listened to your Shri Rama Hanuman Chalisa and compared it line by line with other Hanuman Chalisas sung by 10 top artists on my I POD by shuffling it.Kishore yours stands out as the BEST of all Hanuman chalisas.You   have sung with utmost devotion, voice is so clear, Sanskrit pronunciation is perfect and easy to learn.Over all Composition is very divine. /  Arasu --------------------------------------  I listened to Shri Rama Hanuman Chalisa  every day 3 times a day and left smoking after 21days.Iam still not smoking.when ever I feel like smoking I listen to Shri Rama Hanuman Chalisa. My family is very happy.Big Thank you to you- / Murthy ---------------------------------- This is so useful during travel. Listening to the CDs I can pass time for 108 minutes. In between flights at airports I do  Prana Nidra silent yoga for 3minutes and my stress was gone and helps me go fresh to my meeting.I go to my hotel room and before I sleep I do Prana Nidra for 7minutes, helps me unwind and sleep well.My perfect travel companion helping me improve my lifestyle/Shankar  ------------------------------- After years of Depression and medicines,I tried Panchamukha Anjeneya Mantras for 21 days first showed improvement and continued for 108 days and glad to report Iam out of Depression and no medicines.I realised its all in the mind and this Miracle CD and Music Therapy worked for me.Greatfull -Robert ------------------------------ I listen to Om daily and when ever Iam down and listening to Om (aum) helps me give inner peace and happiness.Last track Om teaches us How to sing Om in deferent ways.I can sing Om now Hurray! There is nothing religious about Om which is universal - James ----------------------------  Baba Ram Dev teaches Pranayama.But there is no count on how much to breath in,hold and exhale.In Prana Kishore Pranayama both Dr Keerthana Dr Sitara Kishore Teach Pranayama with count 4-2-6 and one can practice all 4 Types listening on I pod which I do now all the time.George   ------------------------------ ”